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Together we stand strong

After the MTS fashion school and creative Art academy, Els Roseboom immediately started as entrepreneur Fashion & Pattern Design. Els Roseboom has been delivering high-quality work for almost two decades. A large part of well-known and unknown Dutch clothing brands have worked with Fashion and Pattern Design. From Viktor & Rolf to workwear for Heineken and from Bugaboo to Nike, Els Roseboom is a multi fashion talent. But also clothing for Dutch celebrities, musicals and promotional items is part of the business for Fashion & Pattern Design.



Do you want to start a brand or design a collection but do not know how? or do you need help with this, Els Roseboom is a professional who can rely on a wealth of knowledge and information. Modest as she is, she can listen very well and analyze what your needs are and. Together you are stronger and with Els Roseboom on board you can make the leap forward. Get the best out of your company or get off to a flying start.


If you are interested in what we can do for you, please contact us using the form below or look at the other services we provide.

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