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Promotional gifts





Small productions

Promotion to a higher level

Fashion & Pattern Design is also specialized in various promotional items. Whether it is an outfit for the musical Mary Poppins or a beanbag for Bugaboo. Els Roseboom and her team can tackle all of your wishes. But what about the Heineken promotional clothing for the Formula 1 or the Champions league. A few pieces or thousands you can challenge us.


Various advertising agencies have found their way to Zaandam and have become loyal partners. But if you have a nice idea for a Christmas present or to celebrate an anniversary surprise your manpower with an original item.


We have made promotional items  for the following brands Heineken, Nike, Bugaboo, NS, Strongbow, Mini, Shrek the musical, Miljoenenjacht, Mary Poppins de musical.


If you are interested in what we can do for you, please contact us using the form below or look at the other services we provide.

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