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Clothing repairs

Recovery for clothing importers

Replace care labels / brand labels

Production correction

Repair company clothing

Reproduction costumes

Clothing recovery

You can count on F&PD!

It is human to make mistakes. We can repair large and small numbers for clothing importers, clothing wholesalers, retailers and individuals. Whether the label has been forgotten or a wrong button has been used Els Roseboom and her team can quickly and efficiently fix small and larger mistakes in our own workshop in Zaandam.


Save time and money by not returning productions to the country of origin, but have it repaired in the Netherlands today and deliver it to your clients with as little delay as possible.


But also think about altering clothes or adding elements if clothing does not sell well. Sometimes we can give a piece of clothing a whole new look and feel with a minor intervention, making it a success.


If you are interested in what we can do for you, please contact us using the form below or look at the other services we provide.

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