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Technical drawing

Working drawing

Production drawing

Right information



Well prepared

Information is key!

The patterns are like the stencils of the garment. Fabric is flat and only becomes three-dimensional when it is sewn together. If all the patterns are connected, it becomes a garment, but not all information is on the pattern. What thickness of yarn, what type of stitch, where does the care fits in, does the fabric have a print and does it have to be processed in a certain way?


All these questions have been incorporated into a good technical drawing and a specification sheet, with this information you prevent the man or woman behind the sewing machine from putting together a piece of clothing incorrectly. Moreover, there is not always the luxury of having a sample collection during production to serve as an example.


In addition, the technical drawing also offers the advantage that you build up a database that you have created and can thus rely on choices from the past that have worked.


Do you have your own producer but would like to do the development of the patterns and sampling collection with us, then the technical drawing is indispensable for your producer to be able to produce what we have made together.


If you are interested in what we can do for you, please contact us using the form below or look at the other services we provide.

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