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We support the designer and translate ideas into tangible and wearable clothing.

We see pattern making as an art form, striving for the perfect fit is in our DNA

Whether it's a few items or thousands at Fashion and Pattern Design, your production is in good hands.


Fashion and Pattern Design has been a "one stop shop" since 2002 for everything that has to do with textiles and fashion. Whether it is about developing a collection, creating patterns, sample collections or producing small or large numbers, you have come to the right place at Els Roseboom and her team.


Fashion and Pattern Design guarantees a "high fashion" feel and excellent quality. Els Roseboom crawls into the head of the designer and makes sure that the best is taken out of the design and that the clothing is easy to make and wearable.


Small productions are produced in our own studio in the Netherlands; we realize larger productions within Europe. Fashion and Pattern Design is located under the smoke of Amsterdam at an inspiring location on the Hembrug site in Zaandam.

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